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A dedicated space for audiovisual integration at the business fixtures and fittings show organised by the Chamber of Commerce (CCI) of Lyon


On Wednesday 7 June, Yousense, Eiffage Energie Systèmes’ audiovisual integrator, attended the 5th edition of CIEL, the trade show for business fixtures and fittings, organised by CCI LYON METROPOLE Saint-Etienne Roanne in the prestigious Salle de la Corbeille in the Palais de la Bourse in Lyon! 

2,200: is the number of participants at this key business property event, where you can find the right solutions for relocation or layout projects in Lyon and the surrounding area.

For our first appearance at CIEL, we prepared a beautiful showroom: Flex by Yousense, where visitors could discover the latest audiovisual technologies presented by our partners:

Logitech: a comprehensive videoconferencing system, Rally Bar, for medium to large meeting rooms, and MeetUp, a conference bar solution ideal for videoconferences in small meeting rooms.

Samsung: Flip, an interactive digital screen for learning and smart collaboration.

Shurea wide range of audio recording and playback solutions for meeting and conference rooms.

LG: a striking transparent OLED screen, and a vertical stretch screen ideal for window displays or areas open to the public.

Barco: remote collaboration solutions, such as its cutting edge wireless conferencing system for large meeting spaces and video wall controllers for crisis rooms.

Nexo: a key player in sound solutions for large spaces.

Polysolutions for videoconferencing systems and cameras, with very high image and sound quality, for large meeting rooms.

Extron: the essential tools for monitoring and managing audiovisual equipment.

LCS Digital: solutions to manage and digitise workspaces.

Erard pro: standard or personalised stands and brackets for professional audiovisual equipment.

Focal: speakers for prestigious halls or spaces where quality is of the utmost importance.

In our temporary showroom, Flex by Yousense, our teams were able to make use of dedicated areas, the flex-office, collaboration, the meeting room, the EXCOM room, sound, the control room, and rest areas, to talk about new uses: more flexible and more attractive offices…

And providing comprehensive answers for our visitors:
– How can audiovisual equipment be monitored? 
– How can we innovate to create more flexible spaces? 
– How can we foster creativity at work?
– How can we work together better in the office? 

A great success!