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Smart building

To better manage these unoccupied areas, which take up space and energy, the flex office has developed meeting room management tools with videoconferencing equipment and interactive tools.

Aware of these new challenges, Yousense supports you in managing your work spaces, including collaborative work spaces.

Flex office, the connected office

The smart-office or smart building, in which technologies are used to serve the needs and well-being of employees, provides an additional touch of comfort enabling you to reserve services: canteen places, meals, concierge services, availability of bicycle or car parking spaces.

The intelligence of buildings is also comfort at work that Yousense can improve thanks to the automation of audiovisual equipment, by pre-recording work scenarios and controlling the lighting, the opening of curtains, and adjusting the air conditioning.

The company’s resources are put to use to benefit employees for optimised comfort and efficiency at work.

Reserve your work spaces

​Finding and selecting a room suitable for the format of the meeting you want to organise is essential. Selecting the right size, the right layout, the right equipment (videoconferencing, audioconferencing, projection system, etc.) depending on your requirement can sometimes be difficult.

Yousense offers solutions to meet your needs, providing office and meeting spaces with different features to best meet the needs of employees. From the design phase through to maintenance, the Yousense experts can meet your expectations through two levels of solutions:

Simple work space reservations solutions

  • The touchscreen tablet outside each meeting room, with no software or server, which manages the reservation of the room and displays its occupancy using specific lighting, 
  • The presence detector placed in the meeting booths indicates whether the space is occupied or not and transmits the information to a home screen or smartphone. 

Selecting these solutions means:

  • Facilitating the access of employees to the spaces available, 
  • Informing employees of the availability of meeting rooms in real time 
  • Optimising meeting and office spaces,
  • Reducing costs by optimising the management of each m². 

Advanced work space reservation solutions

  • The room reservation management software is linked to the display screens located outside the meeting room doors,
  • The software solution can be adapted to the company’s operations: web reservation, smartphone application, touchscreen tablet outside the meeting rooms…

These solutions can:

  • be integrated into your email system (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) to work alongside routine office tools and facilitate the organisation of the meeting and management of participants
  • link resources to meetings: a paper board, video projector, connection with a videoconferencing system, 
  • offer services: reservation of meals, coffee, taxis, etc. 
  • facilitate the management of visitors, 
  • free up meeting rooms if they end up not being used (not “badged”). 

 Selecting these advanced solutions means:

  • Facilitating the organisation and management of meetings and related services, 
  • Maximising the cost reduction in managing spaces, 
  • Allocating correctly the costs incurred through meetings, 
  • Reporting on the use of spaces. 

Managing and measuring your occupancy rates

In order to manage these different work spaces efficiently and in a very operational manner, the collection of data using the work space management and reservation solutions implemented by Yousense is strategic. 

A tool for analysing this data enables you to allocate offices correctly, allocate space according to needs and use, monitor your building’s resources, and also understand how workstations, meeting rooms, car parks and collaboration areas are used. 

Solutions to manage and measure occupancy rates enable :

  • close management of movements within the spaces, with the possibility of adjusting attendance limits in the event of the implementation of health rules, 
  • a reduction in the environmental impact with improved management of opening/closing of buildings, lighting, heating, etc. 
  • increased productivity of your employees, who do not waste time organising their day in a face-to-face setting. 

Reception and management of visitors

Simplify the visit, facilitate access and provide information. Companies are increasingly requesting touchscreen information solutions to digitise their premises, offer more services to their employees and guide their visitors.  

Yousense supports companies in implementing these touchscreen solutions to guide and provide information at the entrance of buildings, for both employees and visitors. These scalable solutions adapt to the type of requirements of your buildings to offer tailor-made features. 

For visitors, the terminal can have a badge printer and scanner to guide them to the office or the person with whom they have an appointment. Interactive touchscreen terminals, placed at strategic points in the buildings, help guide visitors, provide information and deliver safety messages to employees. 

The display of 3D guides simplifies wayfinding in buildings and is interconnected with information systems to provide real-time data on public transport, road traffic, waiting times at corporate restaurants, and weather conditions, etc. 

A specialist in these touchscreen guide solutions, Yousense also equips shopping centres with navigations systems so the visitor can easily find a store or service, and find their way easily to make the most of their shopping time.