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Administration and civil service

“Creating, managing and publishing relevant communications for everyone’s safety and information”

The audiovisual solutions offered by Yousense to cities, local authorities, administrations and public services make it possible to address your different projects.

Sound system for public spaces

• Family rooms, theatres, swimming pools, media libraries, stadiums, etc.
• Setting up audio solutions to equip your premises with communication systems for hearing- and visually-impaired people.


Equipping shared and work spaces

• Equipping board rooms, meeting rooms and training rooms with transmission systems for video display and computer presentations on screens of any size, monitors, video walls or lift screens integrated into the furniture.
• Integration of conference systems: Chair/Delegates positions


Communicating remotely and promoting collaboration between distant sites

• Roll out of videoconferencing solutions.
• Connecting the videoconference to the existing audiovisual, IT or telecoms environment.


Using visual and dynamic communication tools for reception, passage and public areas

• Transmission on monitors, LED screens, projection tiles or interactive terminals, etc.
• Content management (video, animation, image and text) to provide information, increase visual impact and catch the attention of visitors and residents.
• Display and management of several completely independent transmission zones on the same medium, or on different media.

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