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Arthésis Dauphiné Savoie

Arthésis Dauphiné Savoie established in 2005, offers companies, public bodies and institutions comprehensive services for the study, installation, integration, sale, rental and maintenance of audiovisual solutions. In close partnership with the main global players in this sector, Arthésis Dauphiné Savoie undertakes to select the right technologies and offer unrivalled service.

Arthésis Dauphiné Savoie meets the unique needs of its customers with increasingly innovative equipment: high-definition video projectors, videoconferencing, digital signage and “on-demand” video transmission tools, “rich media”, network television (IPTV), video walls, interactive whiteboards, centralised conference room control systems, etc.


73D rue Général Mangin
38100 Grenoble, France
+33 (0)4 76 04 76 07